Can’t remember which came first, the name or the logo. The idea was to name our little tequila brand something easy to say, easy to remember and it had to be Spanish.  Cinco was the front runner early on. We liked how looked, sounded and just kept repeating it to ourselves until it stuck.  When we decided on CINCO Drink Co. we knew we had something special. Friends liked saying it and it put smiles on their faces when they did.



Looking up & down the aisles and coolers of liquor stores, we saw a lot of the same or very similar packaging concepts around the Ready to Drink category.  The mixed drinks were all super minimal and sterile looking without much personality and hard to tell one brand from another. We had envisioned our branding and visual language to be simple but impactful, friendly & fun, to stand out amongst all the sameness in the coolers at the liquor stores. 

To us, Cinco meaning “five” in Spanish represented many things.  High fives with our friends, taking a five or giving yourself a break, 5 o’clock is often a good time to start Happy Hour, Cinco De Mayo, and in numerology the number 5 is characterized by curiosity (craves adventure and freedom and exciting experiences to feel fulfilled).  We came up with the idea to draw a simplified agave plant (the plant tequila is derived from) with 5 stems (or fingers) to resemble a hand.  There were many variations drawn until we came up with the final logo that was the perfect balance of plant & hand! The colour palette was another important factor for us to consider.  We wanted to keep the palette very simple, to 3 colours if we could and rotate the colours for each flavour. We explored several colour stories but the one we ended up with was to use a pale yellow that represented the sun, a dusty warm rose that gives the hint of an arid desert where the agave grow and the lush dark green that you find in the rich rainforests of the Pacific Northwest (our home).

We played around with the 5 fingered agave logo and drew a Peace Sign & Shaka versions of them for fun. We liked them so much we placed them as Easter eggs on our can & 4 pack boxes for people to discover and enjoy. High fives, peace signs & shaka’s are all a part of how we communicate and connect when we’re having a good time with our friends and in good company. We hope that our branding and logo resonates with everyone. Our intentions were to be an approachable and enjoyable brand for everyone, all genders and backgrounds, as long as you're of legal drinking age!

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